How Being a “Go-Getter” Scored My First Job – Only a Week After College Graduation

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20  Y E A R S  O L D |  The week after I graduated, earning my first college degree, I drove downtown and randomly picked one out of Honolulu’s tallest buildings with scores of professionals dutifully marching in and out of its doors.

I proceeded to the designated parking structure, paid a ridiculously high fee to stash my rust-covered “island beater” (a ’90’s Jeep Cherokee that I had originally paid $900 for), then grabbed my (also ridiculously large) pile of printed resumes/college transcripts, and headed for the fancy brass-trimmed entrance doors.

Upon entering the island skyscraper, I couldn’t help but feel like a tadpole in a koi pond…

…but that didn’t deter me. I stood on the lobby’s marble floors,  in front of a 10-foot-long directory display table, and started jotting down the names of all the offices listed as law firms or individual esquires.  

I then boarded one of the twelve elevators and was on my…

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OIL PULLING + Natural Dental Hygiene Products

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Have you heard of oil pulling before? Most of those I come across who have, actually hold a negative belief surrounding the practice. Maybe it’s because, well, it kind of sounds gross, right? But aside from misjudgments, the facts are, it is an effective health ritual dating back to ancient times andstill widely used today. Now I could get even morehistorian on you here, but to keep things light, I’ll just get to the details…


  • Naturally Whitens Teeth
  • Promotes Healthy Gums and Teeth
  • Remedies Bad Breath
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Prevents Cavities
  • Pulls Toxins From Body
  • + MUCH MORE!


Start the routine first thing after waking up in the morning -yes, even before brushing your teeth or drinking water! This is because you want to havean empty stomach forthe highest level of efficiency indrawing toxins from the body. Don’t worry, I will also share info about the other…

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The Ultimate ELIXIR for Flu & Cold Season

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It’s been two+ years of developing my go-to health elixir; the one that is used within our household when just about any type of illness is manifesting.  This habit first came to life while I was working on a research paper in college and had learned about the medicinal spice that is star anise.

BALANCEDLIFEALOHA.comThe first time that I utilized this star-shaped wonder, I had noticed that I was starting to come down with some type of wintertime illness. To my surprise, after drinking the anise soak, I never ended up getting sick, and the subtle symptoms vanished within 48 hours.

From there, I sought out more dual purpose herbs and supplements that I could incorporate in to my now beloved super-star drink.  It didn’t take long for manuka honey to be added to the line up, and then the rest followed in queue until my very own health elixir was bred!

But before I spill the beans and give…

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